POET GUITAR .. Amp Up! Lisa Rydin Erickson Hagstrom Guitar Poetic Interpretations

Amp Up! at American Swedish Institute / An animation of iPad Drawings created by Lisa Rydin Erickson. These are poetic interpretations of Hagstrom Guitars shown at Amp It Up June 20 to October 25, 2015. Music by Drew Rydin Erickson and Production by Ryan Murphy copyright 2015

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Lucky Bucket

A Nisse out of luck asks a bridge troll for some magic luck. He trades a beautiful pair of mittens for a lucky bucket which appears to be empty. Filling it with good things for animals and the farmers family the nisse realizes that it truly is lucky.
Animation by Lisa Rydin Erickson
Written by Lisa Sackreiter
Narration by Drew Peterson and Soren and Kai Sackreiter

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From the Dust of Stars

This iPad animation was created and presented for the Nature Heals Conference 2013 for Nature Based Therapeutics Univeristy of Minnesota.

iPad animation Lisa Rydin Erickson
illustrations Mulysa Melco
Written by Lisa Sackreiter
Sound Ryan Murphy
Voice talent Charles Numrich
Voice talent Sarah Richardsom
Director Dr. Jean M. Larson
Guidance and Support Timothy Day

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Research Round Table

This is an animation used as invitational story on the conference website depicting a story of barn swallows gathering and inviting international speakers back to the conference. It will be used for the University of Minnesota Nature-Based Therapeutics Research Round Table in April 2014.
Animation created by Lisa Rydin Erickson
Directed by Dr. Jean M. Larson
Marketing Kit Breshears
Sound Ryan Murphy

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Migration & Murmation

Migration and Murmuration animation drawn by Lisa Rydin Erickson, playback iPad art. Original score by Karen Kopacz, presented at MinnAnimate 2013

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Lisa Rydin Erickson Discusses Stop Motion Animation Process for "Lucky Bucket"

Public Field Guide film. Artist, illustrator and animator Lisa Rydin Erickson talks about the process of making a stop motion animation using her sumi-e style illustrations.

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