Dr. Martin Luther King Day

It's Dr. Martin Luther King Day and we are celebrating human equality. I hope we will always be keeping our hearts open to this dream and making it real every opportunity.

This morning I am so excited to see pictures of MidModMen and my artwork in the St. Paul Pioneer Press! Thanks Nancy Ngo and Sherri LaRose Chiglo photo credit for the article and thanks to Neal Kieler and Jon Mehus for this well lit corner of your store!

Back story...
I saw this store in my neighborhood and walked in one day. There was great vintage 50-60's furniture and featured was a new furniture maker. I saw old vintage artwork but no new art. I pointed that out to Jon and he said to come back the next day to meet Neal. I opened my portfolio and Neal's marketing mind started rattling off ideas of how we could use it, a gallery, featured pieces inspired from their collection. Thanks, thanks, thanks!