Matisse at MIA

I saw the Matisse show this weekend! ahhh.......

Well really it was inspiring. It was a great grouping of work and wonderful to see his life unfold within an hour through the galleries. The display portrayed a working artist with prints and paintings, patrons and periods of time where he was concentrating on certain subjects like odalisque's and living in Nice and later illustrating many books. He worked on one idea many times and drew and redrew. The show follows the story of two sisters that travelled to France each summer from Baltimore collecting art one among them being Matisse.

I especially liked viewing within an hour his paintings done in Nice, the odelique's with patterned tapestries and square windows and doorways and then in the next gallery seeing the cut outs with many curved shapes but then noticing the contrast of the long rectangles of paper, the figure ground of the paper where the shape had been cut. These two periods seemed very related, the curvy patterned surfaces against the straight edges of architecture and the curved abstract pattern pieces as figure cut out directly from their rectilinear ground.