Public Field Guide Interview

Public Field Guide Interview

Click the link above or here to read an interview that Karen Kopacz hosted about me. She is doing a very interesting project interviewing people and how they are transitioning work and what they love in their lives. Seth Godin and her are on an interesting journey of exploring the changes in our world at this time. Below is her ABOUT page from her website. 

Photo by Karen Kopacz courtesy of Public Field Guide   

Photo by Karen Kopacz courtesy of Public Field Guide


Please follow her intriguing stories. There will be many more!


Public Field Guide Tells Stories About People Who Are Rethinking How They Live and Work

Investing in what we truly value has become an increasingly conscious pursuit. From straight-forward, incremental shifts in daily habits to conscientious innovation and collaboration, these stories remind us to engage ourselves, our communities and our world toward a better future.

How can we invest smartly and ethically? What if we sold our home and downsized to an apartment to save money? Can we grow some of our own food? Can we buy land and build our own community with people of different ages? How can we be less alone? How can we make a living doing what we feel good about? What if we shared more meals together? What if we pursued the things we didn’t think were possible?

Transforming Ourselves and Our Communities

All around me, I see people letting go of what they imagined life was supposed to be like. They are accepting that our world is changing and making choices toward living better, and more realistically.

The people I know are amazing. And they belong to just a few communities. All over the world, people are discovering new ways to transform their lives with the ever-changing pace of our cultures.

These are Public Field Guide stories, stories about everyday people who are pursuing a calling, engaging community, contributing to new ideas and changing how they live. My goal is to document stories like this that are happening all over the world. For now, I’m starting in my own community. When I travel, Public Field Guide will travel with me.

- Karen Kopacz, Editor