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It's almost fall and our late summer visit to northern Minnesota got me in the mood for more cool weather. I'm working on a new body of work that will be nature based and also wrapping my head around the next few months ahead. It's helpful for me to organize my thoughts and get a timeline nailed down and I will share that here.

On another note I have been invited to be part of a blog hop and introduce you to a new artist. I was introduced over on Brooke Albrecht's blog last week Here. I love her work!


This week I would like to introduce Rachel Horne. You can see her website here.


and her facebook page here   

So here is a Q&A about my work

What am I working on?

A new body of artwork for a one person show at a large coffee shop and trying to organize the work so that it will do some double duty for holiday commitments coming up in the next couple months. My theme will be nature based inspired from our trip to northern Minnesota and will be about the forest floor and titled understory.

Above is an image that I painted with dyes on rice paper and then placed into an iPad app and drew on top.

How does my work differ from other work of its genre?

For the last several years I have done work on my iPad. There are several programs out there available and always new ones, ProCreate, Paper 53, Brushes, Moleskin and a lot of other specialty ones, just google if you want sumi brush look or marker app or whatever look that you want.

How does my creative process work?

This is a good question. Usually when I start a large project I gather up the ideas. If it is a commission as I have done with large stage backdrops I gather the thoughts of the person asking for the commission and go from there with sketches and inspirational images for reference. With this show coming up I first had the concept of forest floor and walked in the woods in northern Minnesota taking pictures. When I came home I drew a lot of different images working quite intiutively. Because I am seeing this new concept of work growing for a longer time maybe 6 months or more I have let myself be inspired with different mediums. Here is a new way of working for me, Faber-Castell gel crayons like Gelatos and inks on canvas.

gel crayons Lisa Rydin Erickson.jpg
understory trunk.jpg

I am in the middle of working on this body so all may change but from experience I think that I will have these works which are closer to paintings, ink drawings, some photo and iPad collage and also some printed on fabric for the show. It was fun to explore this new idea and already some early on ideas of music and wood and instruments were set aside for a different time. It's those early estuary periods of working that are so free and can create too many ideas that need to be honed and redirected which is in the end great and gives you a start to another body of work for the future.

Take care and I know you will like Brooke and Rachel's work so blog hop over and take it all in!

Here is some fun news. You can see one of my iPad drawings on an ad with on the online version of Sweet Paul Magazine this fallIt's here on page 20 : ) Thanks domestica!


Thanks Brooke and Rachel !

Peace, Lisa