It's a new year and I've got some planning to share!


I love January for all of it's planning and I've been doing a lot of it. Here's what's shaping up for the new year! I'll be in a new store out in Monterey, California near Carmel. The store is called Lilify and is an amazing little gift store with great jewelry and ceramics whimsical and stylish, kind of like a small version of Forage Modern Workshop, just love it.

In February Foxglove on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul will have a sweet Valentine surprise. Christine will be partnering with Mademoiselle Miele chocolates and a local farmer for some early early spring Minnesota blooms and I'll add a little piece to the mix.

In March and April I'll have a show up at Olivet Congregational Church in Saint Paul iPad drawings with an arch theme that was created a few years ago. They are early pieces that were drawn on the bus and shared with a friend in England every morning. Arches have been a recurring theme that has popped up since college art days and a beautiful simple shape that can mean so many things, openings, doorways, new paths and guests.

Peace, Lisa