Looking forward to March

Here we are in the middle of February and having some super cold winter. I'm feeling motivated to get work done. I think in a ratio of cold to accomplishments I should be able to get about a hundred things done. I have about three major events that will happen in March.

Ok, here's One!!

I'll be hanging a show at Olivet Congregational Church, 1850 Iglehart Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104. The opening will be March 8, Sunday morning at 11:30 after their morning service at 10. You are welcome to come and see the show at this time or another. The show will be after that thru March and April. 

Artist Statement

Lisa Rydin Erickson is a Saint Paul artist that has painted for many years including large scale backdrops and murals. In the last several years she began drawing on her iPad using it as a portable studio for down time to and from work in a quiet space outside of her wonderful busy child filled home. These iPad arch themed digital paintings are early pieces that were drawn on my commute to work on the bus a few years ago. Although the some 45 works haven’t been shown together they were drawn in succession every morning for a period of a couple weeks and shared with a friend in England every morning. Arches as a iconic symbol first showed up in her work with a series of mostly white, gray and yellow paintings that were created during college. Another arch body was created while she was pregnant for the first time. It’s a beautiful simple shape that can mean so many things, openings, doorways, new paths and guests. For Easter this season she is so excited to share these paintings together with rachel awes’ arch filled artworks and welcome in this opportunity to think on the many themes of the arch and tomb both taking and giving new life.

And....... as this was an invitation to show at rachel awe's church I would love to share in her latest venture!

Her second book "Diving In" and an accompanying audio named  "your life is beautiful"   by rachel awes, psychologist, author and art playgroundist