Amp Up! at American Swedish Institute June 20 to October 25

I am really honored and excited to be part of the American Swedish Institute and have an exhibit in the mansion for Amp It Up. I'll have 13 iPad paintings poetically inspired from Hagstrom guitars around the balcony above the front fireplace. Come over and be part of the big Midsommar Celebration June 20! There will also be an animation with music played by my husband accompanying the show of prints.

I'll be in the balcony gallery from 12-1 that day and will have a table of other iPad prints and cards outside with a few other demonstrating artists.

Some 8x10 prints of the guitars will be available in the ASI shop through the length of the show and other ones are available here on my website.

It was a really fun project and will be a great summer into fall season with a lot of music and an amazing exhibit of Hagstrom guitars shipped from Sweden for the full museum show.