# the 100 days project on Instagram

Follow me over on Instagram @lisarydinerickson for a summer of 100 drawings. I'm already at 25, kind of goes fast once it's started. There are a lot of people doing the same thing and it's been a good way to add some of the projects that I've been working on and throw new ones in.

The same IG images are also posted on my homepage here on the website. 

Some other IG sites and artists are  @augustwren  and  @janoueve  and  @brookestudio  

You can follow several of these different hashtags, #paintingaday #the100dayproject and several others.

We're having a good summer. I'm working a lot outside of my artwork, my son is working on an app for the next big project the 30x30 for U of M Nature Based Therapeutics and my daughter built a house on top of our garage, you know the usual, ha. I love my kids. If you didn't see the animation that I made with my husband, I did the art and he made the soundtrack here it is again.  Poetic Interpretations of Hagstrom Guitars.   His band Crazy Chester is also playing on the 4th of July at the Saints pre game.