New Work at Mill City Clinic in Minneapolis

I am hanging new work that is dyed with indigo and stitched. The work will be on view at Mill City Clinic in Minneapolis until early January 2016 with other artists, Donna Bruni, Kristin Perry and Monica Rudquist. Opening reception November 4, 5:30-7:30

Mill City Clinic Gallery 901 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55415

Below is the artist statement that I promised on Instagram.  @lisarydinerickson

Actually a lot of the writing happened while a friend Karen Kopacz of Public Field Guide  was filming the process which you can see here in the final film. Sometimes it's only after you sit down and start to think about what you have been led to make that all of the back story starts to appear.



How can I possibly write about this? How can you put into words what time has already given and washed beyond, continually changing the rules and setting, the love.


The mothering given to me ended early. Maybe those sleepy dreaming hours were my best attempts to early mother. Maybe that’s why they so wanted to awaken me often even then from a tired privilege crying for fear and watching over.


On these canvases indigo was poured - draped in the backyard over recycling bins, the garden chicken wire over the upturned canoe and spilling green watery indigo, map-like, river-ing, on top of the summer grass.


It happened out of a lot of my control, pouring and pouring.., leaving some spaces blank and other parts deepest blue with multiple outpourings oxidizing darker, staining my hands for hours after, and staining every time I touched what had happened.


The final controlled response of stitching, my decision making to finish what happened, and after musing - to readjust - respond - correct - align - listen to - enjoy - interpret - guide - love and better create with this simple in and out thread.


materials~ canvas, indigo dye, sashiko thread, wood