Apiary Show-ette ; large indigo in a beautiful small white salon on Grand

The Apiary Salon, Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota

There are several large indigo stretched pieces in this small wonderful space for the coming months. (prices range 380- to 540-)

Apiary Salon

Mirasol Farms Beauty Products

 Three questions to Laura

What is the favorite thing about your shop that people recognize and make you smile? 

Laura: I love when people say how calm and relaxed the space makes them feel, and how amazing it smells.  

How did you come up with this great idea to open your type of shop?

Laura:  Cori and I started the salon because there wasn't another concept like it in St. Paul. We wanted a place where a client could get a chemical free salon experience surrounded by natural products and natural beauty.  We seek out products that stay true to our value and lifestyle that we are living at home.   It didn't feel right to live an organic natural lifestyle at home and then go into a workspace that was filled with chemicals.  We also wanted to be able to showcase local products and art!

What is it about nature that inspires you?

Laura: The seasons really inspire me. Also the salon is so light filled and that is incredibly inspiring /the sun!! .   Also wildflowers inspire me.