Magnet House Jewelry


I'm so excited to share this collaboration with Marianne Richmond. She was an early student of my mother in law during her art teaching years and we have connections back to the beginning of starting families together when my son would 'sit in' on Nana's art classes held in her home. Since then Marianne Richmond has written and illustrated very many books and sold hundreds of thousands of copies of them. Many written about the relationship of parents and young children. This is a next chapter to collaborate with artists and sell directly from her site at... Magnet House Jewelry.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the online home and store of Magnet House Jewelry, the original, interchangeable magnetic jewelry line that lets you choose what you love and wear your heart.  As a longtime author and artist, I created this jewelry to let you share your spirit in a fun, creative and affordable way!  If you're like me, you can go from counting your blessings to needing faith ... all in one afternoon! Here's to your one-of-a-kindness! Love,  Marianne Richmond, creator 

Lisa Rydin Erickson is a St. Paul, MN contemporary painter who channels her love of life, nature and motherhood onto the canvas in bold and unique ways. Though mainly a fine art painter, the last several years has found her drawing and animating on her IPad, a convenient and portable studio. These digital iPad images are translated into artwork from framed prints and cards to fabric design and can now be found in stores throughout the Midwest. Lisa's magnet collection reflects her mother's heart and the wishes we hold for our children.  

Cherish + Wish +Thrive + Able + Bloom

These are the messages that I have shared with Marianne Richmond, designer of Magnet House Jewelry as the dreams I wish for my kids. It's a complicated world that we live in. Delicate at times and robust as well. I love my kids dearly as I know mothers and fathers do. These single words spoke to me and I am so honored to share them and their intentions with Marianne for this set of Mother's Wishes set.