Other New Poet Guitar Animation Showings

'Poet Guitar' has been living a little adventurous life of its own. After being shown this last April at the MSP International Film Festival it was recently shown in Goa, India by Paul Creager founder of Square Lake Film and Music Festival to discuss and further international projects. It looked like a beautiful venue with lanterns and paper decorations. The gallery and screening space was called "6 Assagao".

And soon in the future 'Poet Guitar' will be part of the MSP airports 'See 18 Screening Room. The program will run for up to one year and be seen by thousands of travelers from around the world. I will post when that is all set up. I'm pretty excited to be part of these venues and honored, what fun!

site for See 18 Screening Room at MSP

Thank you so much to Paul Creager www.squarelakefestival.com (we love this festival and have brought our kids there for years now)

and Alex Wolf of mspfilm.org