Here we are in 2017...

I'm holding onto some light that we as people are innately good and want good in this world. I'm just going to say that and not get too political. I have hope and am thankful for so much.

New Starts :  So happy to let you know that I am partnering with a rep Two-Rivers.net My iPad drawings will be represented in the upper midwest and be shown at the upcoming UMAGA or Minneapolis Mart the weekend of March 11-14, 2017. If you have a shop and would like to order wholesale please contact Peggy Taylor at www.two-rivers.net

In other news always thinking ahead I have begun a new series of work that may be future design work. Holding the brush and working directly with paint has been fun lately. Here is a sample of some new work.

Have a good rest of the winter even if your head is already full of spring and flowers like mine!